Doric Hamsters and Exotics

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Doric Hamstery

**This information on this site is currently being updated. Last site maintenance 13th July 2017.**
Ethical hobby breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Roborovski Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters.  Also breeding Mongolian Gerbils. Based between Fareham and Southampton, Hampshire.

Registered with the National Hamster Council  since 2014 and member of the Southern and Midland hamster clubs since 2013. Affiliate member of the Northern Hamster Club from 2016.
Registered with the National Gerbil Society from 2016.

I operate a waiting list so please use the 'contact us' form to be added. Waiting times may vary according to how the hamsters feel about having babies!  You can see what litters I have available on the 'litters' page and I will advertise any extra babies there.

For show information and membership to the hamster club or gerbil club please see my links page.

Why home from a breeder?

Although nothing is guaranteed, most good breeders are working hard to make sure babies are healthy and friendly. Farmed animals available in large chain pet shops are produced to meet demand, not carefully selected for health and temperament. Club breeders usually take their animals back if needed so that rescue spaces are kept free. These are the ethics that govern my breeding. My animals are pets first, show/breeding animals second.

Breeders can provide pedigrees in most cases, advice and support (not geared towards selling their supplies). Why not join the hamster club and come along to shows in your area to show off your pet? We'd love to see you. Alternatively, join up with the gerbil club and show your pet gerbil.

If you would rather an older animal, you can sometimes get one from a breeder too as some animals are 'retired' from showing or breeding and pet homes are sought for them to ensure they get to live highly spoiled in their retirement years. Retired animals are often younger than a year old.

You can also look at your local rescue. I would always recommend adopting only after you have experienced what a 'normal' animal is like, that is to say one that hasn't been unfortunate enough to experience abuse or neglect. There are pets in rescues with no issues, so do have a look. If you are an experienced home then do please check as there are often hamsters/rats/mice etc that just need an experienced hand but sit in rescue with no home. Do go to a rescue that can tell you exactly what issues your animal may have and do choose one that knows what it is doing regarding your chosen species. PLEASE NOTE that I am sometimes given pets that no one wants or I sometimes have slightly older hamsters looking for retirement homes (aged younger than 12 months).

In the meantime, browse through my pages and have a look at what I do.