Doric Hamsters and Exotics

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Planned litters for 2018

I'm hoping to have the following species and colours available this year. Please note that this is a prediction for the year and these litters will largely be spaced out. Some may not occur at all if the statistics don't fall right or the animals don't co operate. I don't breed for profit so will not breed more even if a waiting list is long. I only produce litters that further and improve my lines for exhibition.

Roborovski Hamsters:-

Recessive Husky
Cinnamon (red eyed)

Syrian Hamsters:-


I breed Syrians in short haired, long haired and rex. I expect to also see satins and often have other colours pop up.

Planned Pairings - Syrians

Poseidon - Dilute golden

Nephyr - Black banded (carrying dilute)

Expecting self blue and self blue banded, dilute golden and dilute golden banded.

I'm expecting all pups to go to my current waiting list or be kept for further breeding.

Planned Pairings - Roborovski

Baurus x Carahil - Dilute agouti (possibly) pied pairing to produce more of this new gene

Uriel x Kud Ei -  Dilute agouti (possibly) pied pairing to produce more of this new gene

Hamilton x S'Krivva - Dilute agouti pied to normal agouti - expecting normal agouti carrying dilute

Currently Available Litters

Litters will only be advertised here after reservations have been confirmed to my waiting list. To make sure you don't miss out, please email me via the 'contact us' form in good time.