Doric Hamsters and Exotics

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Breeding Code of Ethics

Doric's Breeding Code of Ethics

1) I will provide information on the characteristics and care of hamsters to interested individuals.

2) I will maintain a safe, clean and sanitary facility for all hamsters in my care.

3) I will breed only for the purposes of improving the quality of the breed and in accordance with the National Hamster Council code of practice.

4) I will not breed any male or female until they are both physically and mentally mature, and I will not continue to breed any male or female beyond an appropriate age.

5) I will not rehome any young hamster before the age of five weeks. It is most usual for young animals to be rehomed at six weeks.

6) I will show discrimination in the sale of my hamsters and be concerned with the types of homes in which they are placed. I will make buyers aware of their responsibilites as pet owners. I reserve the right to refuse to sell a hamster to any individual.

7) I will only rehome hamsters for breeding purposes to those affiliated with the National Hamster Council 

8) I will keep accurate records and retain those records for a minimum of five years. These records will include pedigrees, all litters for sale and all hamsters sold.

9) For hamsters:- At the time of sale, I will provide the buyer:

     a)  a written pedigree including the hamster's date of birth and registration number

     b) diet and care information


10) I will be honest and ethical in my dealings with buyers.

11) I will not cull any litters.